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Looking for a sewing machine? Think Singer. Singer has been the pre-eminent name in sewing machines for over a century. The Singer Company has manufactured sewing machines since 1851. Singer prides itself on both practical design and creative innovation. Singer made the first electronic sewing machines and the first zig-zag machines. Today, Singer makes the world's most advanced home sewing and embroidery machine.

Singer sewing machines are divided into several different lines. The Quantum line is designed with the most advanced computerized embroidery features for those new to sewing. The Basic-Featured line includes 4-step buttonholing and utility stitches. Singer's Compact line is made up of lightweight, portable machines with the same features you might find on a full-size unit. The Featherweight II model weighs in at only 11 pounds, but still includes 14 built-in stitch patterns, automatic needle threader, 4-step buttonhole and top drop-in bobbin.

Singer's Commercial Grade machines are powerful and durable, yet reasonably priced. Singer's Multi-Featured line of sewing machines include many time-saving features like one-step buttonholing, see-through bobbin covers, automatic needle threaders and drop feed. Commercial Grade machines have up to 18 built-in stitch patterns. The motors in the three Singer Commercial Grade sewing machines are 60% stronger than a conventional sewing machine. They are faster, too, sewing up to 1,100 stitches per minute.

Singer Sergers trim and finish raw fabric edges as they sew a seam. A Serger machine complements a conventional sewing machine to help you save time. Use a Serger for a chainstitch, a built-in rolled him, a double cover stitch or a triple cover stitch.

The Singer Company also sells factory refurbished machines that have been rigorously tested at their factory to ensure that they work just like new. These machines are sold at a considerable discount compared to a new machine.

The Singer name is synonymous with sewing machines. You really can't go wrong with a Singer.




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