The Pfaff Company is well-known worldwide for its fine consumer and industrial-grade sewing machines. Company founder George Michael Pfaff made his first sewing machine in Germany in 1862. Not long afterwards, he opened a sewing machine factory. By 1951, Pfaff introduced the first portable consumer sewing machine with a variable free-arm. Today, Pfaff offers a full line of sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlock machines and quilting machines.

Pfaff manufactures a line of sewing machines for whatever use desired. The Smart line of computerized sewing machines is easy to use and affordable. The Smart 200c, for example, offers over 100 built-in stitch patterns. Pfaff's Hobby line of sewing machines is perfect for new sewers. These machines have many features to make sewing easier, such as easy threading and a drop-in bobbin, pre-programmed stitches, stitch length adjustable to 5 mm, many available accessories and oil-free maintenance for smooth and quiet operation. An adjustable presser foot pressure ensures an even fabric feed. The Pfaff ClassicStyle Fashion line of sewing machines allows the budding fashion designer to give live to all of their creations. These sewing machines let you create anything.

The Pfaff Select line allows the user to choose from a wide variety of stitches at the touch of a button. Machines in this line include Pfaff's IDTT (integrated dual feed) technology to ensure perfect fabric feed and perfect seams every time.

Pfaff's Expression line includes more stitches than ever, including a 9 mm stitch and an alphabet. The Expression line has instant and permanent reverse, a tie-off function to secure the end of the seam at the touch of a button, a sew slow feature to reduce speed when executing precise sewing and a tapering function that automatically narrows the width of a satin stitch to help with decorative sewing and to create perfect corners.

Pfaff sewing machines are among the world's best known. Pfaff makes a quality sewing machine for every conceivable use.




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