Juki, a Japanese company, has been manufacturing household sewing machines since 1945 and industrial machines since 1953. Today, Juki makes three lines of sewing machines: Industrial, Semi-Professional and Household.

Juki makes seven different variations in their Household line. Their Household line performs all basic sewing tasks such as straight stitching, zigzag stitching and buttonholing. Their most basic models are compact and simple machines that include 17 stitch patterns. The other five models are all computerized. The HZL-E40 is a computerized sewing machine with 15 stitch patterns, including two automatic buttonholes. The HZL-E61 is a step up on the Household series. The HZL-E61 features 20 stitch patterns, including three automatic buttonholes. The top of the line computerized household model is the HZL-E80. This sewing machine includes a whopping 150 stitch patterns, including 8 automatic buttonholes. For the embroiders out there, this model includes letter sewing.

Juki's Semi-Professional sewing machines create beautifully-finished seams. Semi-Professional units sew at a maximum speed twice as fast as a household machine. Semi-Professional sewing machines are also more durable than household units. Juki's Semi-Professional sewing machines include a much larger sewing space for larger materials. Accessories such as pressure feet/work clamps just like those used on industrial sewing machines are available for the Semi-Professional Jukis.

A "Home Serger" is an overlock machine designed for household use. Home Serger machines are used to finish seam allowances of garments to prevent fraying. A Serger makes a knitted, stitch-like seam that is commonly used on stretchy fabrics. Sergers are also used to construct t-shirts, trainers and sportswear. Sergers can be used with a beading presser foot and a gathering presser foot.

Juki Industrial sewing machines are often used to manufacture clothing, bags, shoes, car seats and sofas. Juki Industrial machines are normally dedicated to a specific purpose. For example, there is a Juki model for straight seams, another for zigzag stitches and one for sewing on buttons. Juki Industrial sewing machines must be extremely fast and durable to meet the needs of their garment factory customers.




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