Euro-Pro manufactures a wide variety of different household appliances, including food processors, toaster ovens, fryers, blenders, slow cookers, mixers, ice cream makers and sewing machines. Euro-Pro sewing machines are available in Computerized, Mechanical and Serger models.

The Euro-Pro Mechanical sewing machine offers incredible performance and value. This is a 64 stitch model with an LCD display screen and a sewing speed regulating knob. The Mechanical model can sew heirloom, decorative, utility and stretch stitches. Both stitch length and stitch widths are independently adjustable. Drop feed makes hand embroidery easy. The Euro-Pro Mechanical includes a hard case and 12 creative feet. The Mechanical model is built tough, constructed of solid metal.

The Euro-Pro Denim Sewlutions model is a hearty machine that is strong and durable enough to sew denim. It is strong enough to sew a wide variety of difficult fabrics. This model includes 32 stitch functions as well as six built-in patterns and an automatic buttonholer. For easy of use, it converts from a flat bed to a free arm.

The Euro-Pro 48-Stitch Deluxe sewing machine is also strong enough to sew denim. This unit converts from flat bed to free arm. It includes eleven creative feet. This model is versatile enough to handle any stitch.

Another feature-loaded sewing machine is the Euro-Pro Denim and Silk 38 Stitch model. This machine can make a quality stitch on virtually all fabrics. It includes an automatic buttonholer as well as the ability to sew a double overlock and do blindstitching.

The Euro-Pro Stitch Art sewing machine is an entry level unit. This basic machine includes 32 stitch functions. It is perfect for sewing on all fabrics. The machine includes everything you need to get started as a sewer: a seam ripper brush, oiler, needles, zigzag foot, bobbins and more.




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