Elna is a Swiss company that has been in the sewing machine business since 1940. Their first model, Elna #1, was the first compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm. In 1973, Elna branched off into the ironing market with the world's first home ironing press machine. To this day, Elna manufactures only sewing machines and ironing presses. Elna manufactures full lines of computerized sewing machines, electronic/mechanical machines, overlock machines and embroidery machines.

Elna's electronic/mechanical series consists of six different sewing machines. These basic models are packed with standard features. The 2003 model allows you to dial in one of 11 different stitches and the machine automatically sets the stitch width. The 2007 model is complete with all the features necessary to handle any project. It includes a one-step buttonhole, automatic needle threading and drop feed dogs. The 2800 and 2600 models offer several different stitch patterns, drop-in bobbins and a built-in needle threader. Elna's 3210 and 3230 models feature adjustable stitch width and length, a built-in needle threader, strong needle penetration on all fabrics, variable needle positions and adjustable foot pressure. The 3230 has an LCD screen, automatic tension and a programmable up/down needle key.

Elna currently offers six different computerized sewing machines. The Elna 6001 allows adjustable stitch width from 0-7 mm and adjustable stitch length from 0-5 mm. It has a transparent bobbin cover, drop-in bobbin and a built-in needle threader. Its LED readout displays stitch number, width or length. There is a stitch selection key for each group of 15 stitches. The Elna 6005 Heirloom Edition offers one-touch keys and help messages to guide you through every step of the sewing or quilting process.

The Elna 6200, 6600 and 7200 are all specially-designed computerized quilting machines. The 7200 features 1000 spm speed, a start/stop key, automatic thread cutting, a personal setting key and a long arm.

Whether you prefer quilting or standard sewing, Elna manufactures a machine that will suit your needs.




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